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"Unlock the Power of Social Connections with PEERS!"


Our sessions are all about kids social and emotional health, our focus at Bright Lives is about helping children to develop their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills so they can lead a fulfilling life.

Cant beat them Join Them

Let's Face it Kids love Tech, Video games, social media, and technology, These are becoming an increasingly large part of our children’s lives. So it is with Minecraft that we engage with them at their heart center.

Each online session has a lesson plan that has been developed by our Clinical Nurse Specialist In Autism, who is passionate about ensuring that our kids receive the most they can through these sessions.


Peers Social Group

our sessions are all about empowering you to navigate social situations with confidence and ease, fostering meaningful connections, and unleashing your social potential.

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The PEERS program is here to help you build strong connections, boost confidence, and create lasting friendships.

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Unlock the Power of Social Connections:


By joining the PEERS program, you'll gain invaluable skills and strategies to navigate social situations with confidence. Imagine being able to strike up conversations, make new friends, and build lasting connections effortlessly. PEERS equips you with the tools you need to unlock the power of social relationships and thrive in any social setting.

Boost Your Social Confidence:

Are you tired of feeling anxious or unsure in social situations? PEERS is here to help! Our program provides a supportive and structured environment where you can practice and refine your social skills. With expert guidance and opportunities for real-life practice, you'll see a remarkable boost in your social confidence. Say goodbye to social anxiety and hello to a newfound sense of self-assurance!

Join a Supportive Community:


One of the greatest benefits of the PEERS program is the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and supportive families. You'll become part of a community that understands and supports your social growth journey. Share experiences, exchange tips, and cheer each other on as you navigate the world of social interactions together. The bonds you form in the PEERS program can last a lifetime.

Our Program Is About Playing, Making Friendships And Improving Social Skills.

In a PEERS session, participants engage in interactive activities to learn and practice essential social skills. They receive instruction, engage in role-playing exercises, and discuss their experiences. Participants also receive support from facilitators and may have homework assignments for real-life applications. The program emphasises building confidence, fostering connections, and involving parental involvement.


Opportunity To Build Essential Social Skills While Having Fun


The PEERS program is evidence-based and uses a structured curriculum to teach social skills through didactic instruction, role-playing, and real-life practice. It covers a wide range of social skills, including making and keeping friends, initiating and maintaining conversations, managing disagreements, and handling peer rejection.

The program typically involves group sessions where participants learn and practice social skills in a supportive and structured environment. The curriculum also includes parental involvement, as parents are provided with training and coaching to support their child's social development outside of the group sessions. (3).png

Research on peers and their influence on social development has revealed fascinating insights into the impact of peer interactions on our lives. Studies have shown that our friends and peers play a significant role in shaping our social behaviors, emotional well-being, and cognitive growth. They provide valuable opportunities for us to learn and practice social skills, while also helping us establish the norms and values within our social groups. It's clear that positive peer relationships contribute to healthy social development, while negative influences like peer pressure or exclusion can have their challenges. This research has paved the way for interventions like the PEERS program, which focus on enhancing social skills and fostering supportive peer connections.

The findings from these studies have shown promising results, especially for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or social difficulties. By participating in structured social skills groups, people have seen significant improvements in their ability to start conversations, make friends, and handle conflicts. It's worth noting that involving parents in the process is crucial, as their support plays a key role in applying these skills beyond the intervention setting. As researchers and practitioners continue to delve into the world of peer dynamics, they're uncovering valuable insights that help us better understand and nurture positive peer relationships for healthy social development.

Clinical Nurse Consultant in Autism

Director of Brightlives.

Meet Monica, a passionate and experienced facilitator ready to guide you through the transformative PEERS program! With her expertise in social skills development and a warm, supportive approach, Monica is committed to helping you unlock your social potential and thrive in social interactions.

Monica understands the unique challenges individuals face when navigating social situations.


With her extensive knowledge of the PEERS program and its evidence-based strategies, she creates a relaxed and engaging environment where you can learn, practice, and refine essential social skills. Whether it's initiating conversations, building friendships, or managing conflicts, Monica will provide personalized guidance, constructive feedback, and practical tools to help you succeed.

Join Monica and the PEERS program to embark on an exciting journey of social growth! With Monica's expertise and unwavering support, you'll gain the confidence and skills to navigate social settings with ease, foster meaningful connections, and embrace a brighter social future. Get ready to thrive under Monica's guidance and discover the joy of genuine, fulfilling social interactions.



Monica Reeves

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