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Our Mission

BRIGHTLIVES is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of professional family support delivered with empathy, trust and care. We aim to enable our clients and their families to empower them to identify their personal goals and provide guidance to meet them.

The idea for BRIGHTLIVES came from our own families personal journey with Autism.  This was a long journey that began long before the diagnosis.

In reflection, it was a time filled with confusion and dismay.  The one thing I remember the most was not knowing what to do or whom to turn to.  There was no clear pathway to follow, and most of all no one to tell me that everything was going to be ok.

After years of advocating for my patients, I felt it was now time focus on and advocate for my family.  After facing some fierce discrimination, I decided to educate myself, and make it my mission to ensure that other families have the support and guidance that I so longed for.

I have now furthered my skills with post-graduate studies at Griffith University QLD in Autism Studies and am in the process of completing the Masters of Autism Studies.

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