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Dungeons and Dragons


Our sessions are all about kids social and emotional health, our focus at Bright Lives is about helping children to develop their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills so they can lead a fulfilling life.

Cant beat them Join Them

Let's Face it Kids love Tech, Video games, social media, and technology, These are becoming an increasingly large part of our children’s lives. So it is with Minecraft that we engage with them at their heart center.

Each online session has a lesson plan that has been developed by our Clinical Nurse Specialist In Autism, who is passionate about ensuring that our kids receive the most they can through these sessions.


Join Our Neurodiverse Kids' Dungeons & Dragons Adventure!

Welcome to Bright Lives' Dungeons & Dragons online social group tailored for neurodiverse kids! Our structured sessions, led by experienced Dungeon Masters and overseen by a dedicated clinical nurse consultant in autism.

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Our program is designed to empower neurodiverse children to build confidence, foster friendships, and develop essential social skills through the exciting world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Small, Structured Groups:

Personalised attention with our groups limited to five participants, ensuring every child receives individualised support and engagement.

Focused Social Skills Development:

Engage in Dungeons & Dragons to cultivate friendships and enhance social understanding in a fun and inclusive atmosphere tailored for neurodiverse children.

Expert Supervision:

Led by a Dungeon Master and overseen by our clinical nurse consultant in autism, guaranteeing a safe and supportive environment for social skill development.

Our program is about playing, making Friends, and improving social skills.

Opportunity To Build Essential Social Skills While Having Fun


Brightlives Dungeons and Dragons Social Skills group is an online program designed to help children with autism learn vital social skills. A facilitator runs our lessons, and a clinical nurse Consultant oversees all sessions in Autism.


  • Opportunity to play in a safe and secure environment.

  • Learn valuable social skills while also having fun!

  • ​Designed to help them practice communication, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and team building.

  • ​They will gain confidence in their ability to face future social situations


Building Social Skills For Life. Using Dungeons and Dragons As The Platform

At Brightlives we have found that Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) provides significant benefits for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in developing both social and emotional skills. Through engaging in imaginative role-playing, collaborative problem-solving, and interactive storytelling, children with ASD can enhance their communication abilities, emotional understanding, and social interactions. D&D offers a structured yet flexible environment where participants can practice turn-taking, empathy, and decision-making skills in a supportive setting. The game's narrative elements also encourage creativity and self-expression, fostering a sense of empowerment and confidence in children as they navigate social challenges and build meaningful relationships."

Clinical Nurse Consultant in Autism

Director of Brightlives.

As a dedicated clinical nurse consultant specialising in autism, I bring extensive experience and passion to our Dungeons and Dragons social group for neurodiverse children.


My role is to ensure that every session provides a safe and supportive environment where children can learn and practice essential social skills.


With a focus on empathy, communication, and emotional understanding, I assist in guiding participants through engaging gameplay led by skilled Dungeon Masters.


Together, we foster a community where each child's unique abilities are celebrated, empowering them to thrive and build lasting friendships.


Monica Reeves

Mathew McKay - Head Shot.JPG

Dungeon Master

Mathew Mckay

Meet Mathew, our esteemed Dungeon Master with decades of gameplay experience. Passionate about Dungeons and Dragons.


Matthew brings immersive storytelling and creative challenges to each session. His role is to foster teamwork, ignite imaginations, and create a welcoming space where neurodiverse children can embark on thrilling adventures. With Matthew's expertise and dedication, every session promises to be filled with excitement and opportunities for personal growth.


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